Starter Packs - 7 Warrior Combo Pack
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Buy all 7 Warrior Starter Packs for $65!!

1-Craziie Farmer Starter Pack, 1-Diezel Starter Pack, 1-Fli-bi Starter Pack, 1-Ghoast Starter Pack, 1-Jeni Starter Pack, 1-Vyolett Starter Pack & 1-Yipee Starter Pack

Each Starter Pack includes:

1 - Main Warrior Card
1 - One-Two Card™
50 - Predetermined playing cards. These will include: Wred cards (Wred is a Sidekick for all Players), Destructive cards, Spontaneous cards, Mystical cards, Defend cards, Special cards, Sidekick cards, and Associated cards. These cards will allow you to harness the Warriors abilities and powers to his/her full capacity.

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Starter Packs - 7 Warrior Combo Pack

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